August 4, 2021 Louise Savoie

Accessible Showering for Wheelchair Users

Accessible Showering for Wheelchair Users

We cannot help but feel sad for our wheelchair-bound loved ones. Simple activities seem more challenging for them. But you can do something to help. There are ways you can help improve the situation.

You can make your home more accessible to your loved ones through General Construction or by adding smart devices.

Taking a shower can be challenging for a wheelchair user. It does not have to be anymore. There are accessible bathroom designs that include features designed to support your loved one.

Roll-in showers provide more space for individuals in a wheelchair so they can take baths with comfort and ease. A small plastic chair can be an additional item kept in handy when the individual prefers to sit on it. This can be removed when not preferred.

The use of tiles also provides safety. For example, smaller tiles with wider strips provide more grip. The grout in between these tiles allows more grip and friction to minimize slips, which are highly possible for individuals with mobility issues. Curbless showers level the floor and are great for people at risk for falls.

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