February 24, 2023 Louise Savoie

ADA-Compliant Wheelchair Ramp Installation


There are many things to consider regarding the general construction of handicap-accessible wheelchair ramps and other mobility works in New Jersey. There are rules and guidelines that need to be followed, specifically those outlined by the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

ADA ramps in Freehold, New Jersey need certain elements, to ensure the safety and security of persons with disabilities and their caregivers. For example, the ramp’s rise shouldn’t be inclined too high. The ramp should be wide enough to accommodate all standard wheelchair widths. Plus, certain ramps require the installation of safety handrails on both sides.

You need to follow ADA rules when installing a handicap-accessible ramp in New Jersey, in order to pass inspections and save on renovation costs down the line. Another thing to consider when it comes to ramps is having enough space for a landing at both the bottom and top of the ramp. Otherwise, the ramp will be inaccessible, to begin with.

At Mobility Construction, we are experts when it comes to wheelchair ramp installation in Freehold, New Jersey. We can plan and execute the installation of ADA-compliant ramps that work best on your property. We can also recommend affordable necessary property renovations, as needed, to ensure your new ramps follow all ADA regulations.

Your PWD visitors and caregivers will be safe and happy using the ramp we will construct for you. Call us today at 732-677-3278 to learn more.

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