April 26, 2023 Louise Savoie

Bathroom Modifications to Increase Safety of Seniors


You might be surprised to learn that there is one area in your home that is widely regarded as being the most unsafe. You might think that these areas are ramps. Contrary to what you might have assumed, falls in the bathroom cause the majority of injuries in a home.

Accidents are typically hazardous to health and could lead to death when one does not take protective precautions. The most common people impacted by house accidents are teenagers, children, and the aged.

As a provider of services related to wheelchair ramp installation in Freehold, New Jersey, here are some bathroom modifications or improvements you should have to increase the safety of your bathrooms:

  • Using a handheld showerhead

    There are seniors who might find it difficult to turn on/off the shower. Find a showerhead with easy on/off mechanism to help seniors with arthritis.

  • Installing grab bars

    Grab bars provide you with something to hold onto when you enter and exit the shower and also give you a method to catch yourself if you start to fall. You may consider this during the general construction or modification of your bathroom.

  • Install elevated toilet seats

    Installation of a brand-new toilet is not necessary. Installing a raised toilet seat or toilet frame, especially one with grab bars on either side, is a more cost-effective and renter-friendly solution.

Mobility Construction can assist you to make or modify your bathroom safe for seniors. We can make plans to replace or rebuild any areas that provide a potential hazard for injury to elderly restroom users.

We can also help you make your ramp in New Jersey safe to avoid accidents.

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