June 21, 2013
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June 21, 2013 mobilityseca

Common Stair Lifts Questions You May Have

For the senior who decides to live out her life in her own home, stair lifts can be a lifesaver. She can continue to live and celebrate life from her own comfortable home. Her home care might include both professional and family support networks. The care team works together for the care and benefit of the aging adult. She can remain as independent as possible for as long as possible, while getting the assistance she requires for some of the daily tasks of living, like bathing, dressing, fixing meals, light housework.

How do stair lifts fit into this picture?

Stair lifts can help make all the rooms in the aging adult’s home accessible to her. Perhaps her bedroom is upstairs but all the other rooms she uses during the day are downstairs. A stair lift would ensure her safe transport up and down the levels of her home.

How to pay for a stair lift?

Most seniors pay for a stair lift using private funds. There are many styles, sizes and prices to choose from. Proper installation of a stair lift can be tricky, so it’s recommended that the stair lift company install it for the senior.

What about wheelchairs?

There are stair lifts that are designed to take a wheelchair and it’s occupant up and down the stairs safely. These wheelchair lifts are bigger and more expensive than are the stair lifts that just have a chair to ride on. Stair lifts for wheelchairs have a large base for the wheelchair to sit on and be strapped into.

Are they difficult to use?

Stair lifts were designed to be simple to use. Basically the senior sits down and straps in. Then she takes the remote and presses a button to ascend the stairs. Once at the top, the stair lift must come to a complete stop before she unbuckles to get out. They don’t move too quickly, and the stair lift company will give a demonstration and some training.

What about staircases with multiple landings?

No problem. There are stair lifts that are designed to turn corners, to negotiate multiple landings, to go up spiral stair cases, etc. Whatever design of staircase there is in a home, there is probably a stair lift made to maneuver it. Consulting a professional stair lift supplier is probably the best procedure when shopping around for the best stair lift for your unique stair case.

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