March 25, 2022 Louise Savoie

Different Ramp Styles for an Accessible Home


Are you thinking of making your home a safer and more accessible space for you and your loved ones? Ramp installation can be a big help. Before calling for Wheelchair Ramp Installation in Freehold, New Jersey, it’s best to know which ramp style suits your preference and home.

Get to know the ramp styles you can choose from on this blog.

  • Collapsible or folding ramps, from the name itself, are either bi-fold or tri-fold (four panels. This ramp style is quite popular for wheelchair users who are always on the go. These portable ramps are mostly made of aluminum and come in various lengths and widths.
  • Threshold ramps are commonly used to make entryways accessible. They can be easily placed against the lip of an elevated entryway or curb so scooter, walker, and wheelchair users can ease their way in.
  • Telescopic ramps consist of two separate panels that can extend and retract, like a telescope, to a specific length. These compact channels are placed side by side and aligned to the wheels of the wheelchair. A telescopic Ramp in New Jersey makes it more convenient for wheelchair users to navigate areas where the level varies.
  • Modular ramps, unlike the rest of them, are larger and more permanent fixtures that a General Construction team can build for you and your loved ones at home. This ramp style is usually made of aluminum, wood, or concrete and is constructed out of ramp sections. This is the best choice for individuals and families looking for durable ramps.

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