March 28, 2014
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March 28, 2014 mobilityseca

Easy Senior Home Safety Tips That Make a Difference

According to the AARP, the Census Bureau estimates that by the year 2020, the population in the United States will consist of about 7 to 8 million individuals over the age of 85. Those over 100 will total about 214,000, according to AARP. There are certain tips that can help to improve overall senior home safety. Three such tips are listed below and while some may seem like common sense, few people pay enough attention to them.

Plan ahead.

That sounds simple enough, but what does it mean exactly when it pertains to senior home safety? Essentially, one of the most common problems that seniors face as they age is the fact that they end up living in places that can meet their needs, or their level of ability. You see, abilities among seniors changes as they age. While many can still do some of the activities that they enjoy, they have limitations.

It’s essential to make provisions for the future as soon as possible. This could include retrofitting the home to meet their changing needs, finding a more suitable home for them, or focusing on safety issues before they become significant risks. Having readily accessible wall switches, grab bars, and even wheelchair ramps are examples of planning ahead. It’s best not to wait until they are needed to begin thinking about them.

Avoid cuts and injuries.

Too many injuries occur every year as a result of someone trying to open a bag or hard plastic packaging. In fact, it is estimated that about 6,400 people visit the emergency room every year as a result of injuries sustained while trying to open hard plastic packages with a nice or other utensil. That total, of course, doesn’t include those who are injured but refuse to seek medical attention. Having can openers and other items handy that can open these products safely would be an important addition to any home.

Sharpen dull kitchen knives.

Some people may think this tip is simply wrong, but the reality is that a dull kitchen knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. The more force that is required to cut something means more pressure is placed on the knife. If it slips, the risk of injury increases. Have a knife sharpener on hand and keep knives sharp.

These are just a few senior home safety tips that can make a difference in the health and well-being of any elderly individual at home.

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