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Factors to Consider Before Building a Wheelchair Ramp


Generally speaking, a wheelchair ramp intends to make it simpler and safer for those with mobility issues to enter particular areas. Most of the time, accessing these areas requires climbing steps or a flight of stairs. People who need wheelchairs and other mobility aids can easily reach these locations thanks to access ramps.

Several people can take on the job of building a ramp in New Jersey. However, if you desire to build one on your own, allow us here at Mobility Construction, to give you a few tips!

As a premier provider of wheelchair ramp installation in Freehold, New Jersey, here are factors that we suggest you consider before building a wheelchair ramp:

  • The Main User/s:

    The first thing to consider is who will be utilizing it. This includes understanding the design of the mobility device they use because it will have a significant impact on the ramp’s features.

  • The Ramp’s Location:

    Another thing to think about is where you want to put the ramp. Outdoor ramps are typically linked to the main entrance of a house or building. Measure the area surrounding the main entry to see if a straight ramp, a 90-degree ramp, or a switchback ramp may be installed.

  • Ramp Requirements:

    Typically, the characteristics of a wheelchair ramp adhere to the criteria established by certain laws and regulations. You’d want to make sure that what you’re planning to build is compliant with such requirements.

If you have further inquiries regarding this or any general construction, don’t hesitate to dial us anytime!

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