November 14, 2022 mobilityseca

Home for All: House Accessibility Features


Home is where we feel the safest. We feel safe because we are comfortable being who we are. However, some parts of the home may give a different experience to other members of the family. Some members may have no trouble accessing certain rooms while others would need more time doing so.

If you are looking to build your dream home, searching for a place to acquire, or thinking about renovating your place, the following accessibility features can provide the inclusion you need for the whole family.

  • More space for movement and navigation.
    Wide halls and doorways can accommodate individuals in a wheelchair or members using a walker. Space is an important feature in navigation, especially for loved ones who use walking devices.
  • Welcoming access for entry.
    While steps and staircases may look pretty, ramps can significantly provide a good welcome to members having difficulty with walking. Lifts are also an increasingly popular choice for multi-story homes.
  • Better bathroom experience.
    Roll-in showers can free up space in the bathroom to allow wheelchair movement. Improve the grip on the bathroom floor by using smaller tiles with wider strips. The grout in between can increase friction to minimize slips.

If you are invested in applying ADA principles for your property, know that we are a reliable team of general construction who has been providing access solutions to many families and property owners.

Mobility Construction has been providing ramp in New Jersey to improve accessibility.

Are you interested in wheelchair ramp installation in Freehold, New Jersey? Let’s take a look at your project today.

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