January 3, 2015
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January 3, 2015 mobilityseca

How Remolding Your Home Can Help in Health Matters

The following questions will help you decide:

  • Are you or your family experiencing health conditions that might take more than a week to recover?
  • Are you experiencing physical challenges in ambulation and other situations?
  • Do you need to widen doors?
  • Are you going to use a wheelchair?
  • Do you want to be safe when in the bathroom, hallways and others?
  • Do you need a ramp to enter and exit your home?
  • Do you still want to be useful at home?
  • Do you still want your home to be useful?
  • Do you need to adjust levels such as kitchen counters, toilet seats?
  • Do you need roll in showers for easy access and mantain personal hygiene?
  • Do you need more support on the walls such as grab bars?
  • Do you want to save money on remodeling instead of moving?

If you answer YES to any the above questions, there is no doubt that remodeling will be your choice. All the above can be accomplished at your current home with an experienced specialized mobility company.  Physical limitations and emotional concerns are critical considerations in designing what needs to be done and how they would be done.  Traditional companies do not consider the needs for growing old or for disability conditions.  It is not necessary to move particularly if the main concern is a practical matter of remodeling. It is your home now and will continue to be your home when remodeling is the option. Every individual have his/her own unique needs.  Collaborative conversations prior and during remodeling will be helpful to assure quality and efficient progress from initiation to completion.

As we live longer, experts estimated that over 60 % of the aging population will need help in one are or more.  Long term care from few weeks to months  is considered short long term  and  long term from  months to many years is considered  on-going long term.   The costs of long term care when rendered at home versus established facilities such as assisted livings, or nursing homes remain less.  Many have chosen to hold on to their homes or family member’s home as preferred place for cost and safety.  Will it be forever? Time will tell.  When the time comes, primary caregiver often makes wise decision given the experience that they had when they chose TO IMPROVE for efficient home care for their loved ones.


“Mobility helped me so much with a safe discharge for my Dad.  Before we brought Dad home from the rehab facility, the ramp to the front door was installed and the bathroom was made fully accessible for his wheelchair.  I’m not sure we would have gotten Dad home safely without Mobility.”

– Charlie of  Secaucus, NJ.


MOBILITY Consulting & Contracting Company. Jeff Wolf, President and CEO, (5th on the left), Senen Cabalfin, VP Clinical Specialist Risk Management (middle), friends, Dr. Zal Velez, Deputy Mayor of West Orange, NJ (left) and Dr. Josie Velez on his left.


Prepared by: Grace Sunga Asagra, MA, RN http://graceasagra.com/

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