July 21, 2020 Louise Savoie

How to Help Seniors with Social Distancing

Promoting Handicap Accessibility in NJ

How to Help Seniors with Social Distancing

As people considered high risk for COVID-19, seniors must be extra cautious in protecting themselves. This means adapting to a new normal—social distancing.

Because seniors, especially those needing home modification for disabled, are vulnerable to both social isolation and COVID-19, they may have a difficult time with social distancing. This can lead to worry on your end because, understandably, you want the older adults in your life to stay safe.

As a way of helping you, our team promoting senior and handicap accessibility in New Jersey has offered some suggestions:

  • Limit what is not necessary.

    If your senior loved ones have any non-urgent outings or appointments, encourage them to cancel those. If it is necessary, talk to their healthcare provider and ask for their recommendations on the best course of action for your loved ones to stay safe.

  • Offer them your help.

    If you are living with your senior loved ones or if you have elderly neighbors, offer them your help. Ask if they have enough food, need their medication filled, or need other essentials for their wheelchair accessible homes. Let them know that you are there for them!

  • Talk to them about the future.

    The world is facing a serious outbreak. At such a difficult period in our lives, we have to remember to stay hopeful amid the crisis. Keep this in mind when you talk to your elderly loved ones. Share future plans with them. You can tell your grandparent how much you are looking forward to eating their signature dish again, for one.

Times are different now. More than ever, we have to stay united. As important as it is for the seniors in your life to follow social distancing, the Mobility Construction team encourages you to stay calm when communicating with them.

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