April 19, 2023 Louise Savoie

How to Increase Traction in Your Ramp

how to increase traction in your ramp

The most crucial consideration when building and installing ramps on your property is undoubtedly safety. Residential properties would be subject to the same rules.

Neglecting safety can dramatically raise the chance of slipping. In wet weather, the ramp in New Jersey surfaces might become considerably trickier to operate. The presence of water may make the ground slick and reduce traction for mobility device wheels.

Some ramps could have a smooth, durable surface. But, no matter the situation, it poses a major risk for anyone utilizing it. If someone slips and falls, it could result in significant injuries and expensive medical bills. You need a solution that can survive all weather conditions to prevent this.

As a reliable provider of wheelchair ramp installation in Freehold, New Jersey, let’s examine a couple of remedies for slick ramps:

  • Remove the slippery materials

    Clean the surface of any algae or other slick substances, you may use a pressure washer and good cleaning material.

  • Increase the traction

    Install anti-slip tread materials or apply anti-slip paint to a ramp that will be utilized by both wheelchair users and those who are walking. You can apply paint and coatings, rubber mats, PVC rug pads, and safety tapes. You may consider these things during general construction.

  • Installing guard rails

    You might also think about putting guard rails on both sides of the ramp’s edge. This will give you a chance to grab something to stop your wheelchair from accelerating. You can hold onto something to catch yourself when you are about to fall.

Mobility Construction is available to provide you with any information you require regarding modular ramps and materials with rough surfaces that you can install to raise the structure’s level of safety. Call us now.

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