September 24, 2020 Louise Savoie

How to Modify Your Home for a Visually Impaired Child

Accessible Bathrooms to Ramps in Freehold, New Jersey

How to Modify Your Home for a Visually Impaired Child

When you have a visually impaired child, modifying your home to fit their needs can help improve their quality of life. Through home modification for disabled children, such as those with visual impairments, you ensure a safe, comfortable, and accessible living space. Likewise, here are ways you can modify your home for a visually impaired child:

  • Doorways, hallways, and stairs.

    Handicap accessibility in New Jersey can be achieved at home by starting at entry and exit points. Paths or hallways leading to doorways should be free from obstacles that may cause your child to trip. Grab rails may be installed by the stairs or steps, so your child can grab onto it when walking up or down. Additionally, remove or tape down rugs and electrical cords to prevent slips.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens.

    Kitchens and bathrooms can be potentially dangerous for visually impaired children. In the kitchen, ingredients and other consumables should be labeled clearly or with braille, while dangerous items like knives, forks, and similar should be kept in drawers.

    Bathroom renovations are also necessary to prevent injury. This includes installing non-slip flooring and safety rails for the shower or edge of the bathroom. Bathroom mats should be made of non-slip materials as well.

  • Living rooms and bedrooms.

    Visually impaired children with limited vision will benefit from walls or flooring that have textures with contrasting colors. When it comes to the arrangement of furniture, it’s best to be consistent and remove low-lying items like ottomans and coffee or side tables that can cause tripping.

Mobility Construction is a leading specialist in handicap accessibility for differently-abled individuals. From accessible bathrooms to ramps in Freehold, New Jersey, we offer services to meet your child’s needs – call us to learn more.

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