September 23, 2013
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September 23, 2013 mobilityseca

Learn How You Can Make Sure That Your Home Is Safe

Aaron’s mother had been living alone for more than ten years. He didn’t think much about her safety, but when she began having some trouble with certain aspects of the home, and then he realized that he needed to consider providing some help for her. He was informed that not only should he consider some extra assistance, especially in the form of a professional in-home care provider, but that he should also take a look around at senior home safety issues.

He didn’t really know what this meant at first, and thought that it was referring to the knives in the kitchen or even a stepladder that she had out and used from time to time to get some food down out of the kitchen cupboards. However, when he did some more reading and research on the topic, he quickly learned that senior home safety involves a number of other issues.

For one, wheelchair ramps are often a neglected aspect in many homes. His mother didn’t require one, but that could change and he was glad to learn that keeping them clear of debris is important, especially in late fall in during the winter months.

He never thought his mother would need help getting up and down the stairs, but when he took a closer look at her stairs, he realized that they were quite steep and looked into stair lifts as a way to help her up and down. If she could sit down on a stair lift rather than having to negotiate those stairs, she would actually be much safer.

The cost was significant, but her insurance provider did offer some reimbursement for the expense and that was helpful for them both.

Aaron also learned that bathroom safety is one of the most overlooked aspects of senior home safety. Just getting in and out of the shower could pose any number of risks. Aaron had his own scares from time to time getting into and out of his tub, and he was a relatively well balanced and strong individual. He could only imagine what could happen to his mother if she slipped while stepping in or out of the shower.

As a result, Aaron installed a number of grab bars in the shower stall as well as outside and around the toilet. Even though his mother protested at first, he knew she’d be safer as a result. Aaron learned that senior home safety involves a number of facets and that the more you pay attention to it, the safer your elderly loved one will be.

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