October 29, 2020 Louise Savoie

Modifying Your Space for Children with Sensory Concerns

Handicap Accessibility in Freehold, New Jersey

Modifying Your Space for Children with Sensory Concerns

Children who have sensory processing challenges may have a hard time handling sensory information, leading to confusion and frustration. That’s why without any home modifications, they could exhibit resistance to change and have trouble focusing.

So what makes handicap accessible homes for children with sensory issues?

As an expert in handicap accessibility in New Jersey, we give you tips on how can modify your home.

  • Paint your walls with neutral, soothing colors. Avoid using bright and bold colors.
  • Install light dimmers, so you can dim the lights if necessary.
  • Always keep your home clutter-free and avoid unnecessary home decorations to limit distractions.
  • Avoid scented candles or diffusers that emit strong scents.
  • Use weighted blankets in your child’s bedroom so they can sleep better.

A Safe Space in Your Home

Other than that, you can create a safe space for them in an area of your home wherein they can retreat if they need a moment to regroup. Have a comfy and cozy sensory corner that’s quiet for them.

However, if your child needs sensory input, have a space wherein they can move around safely and use toys that can create sensory experiences for them.

If you need home modification for disabled children, entrust the work to Mobility Construction.

We not only provide ramps in Freehold, New Jersey but also other equipment that can make your home more accessible to people with disabilities. Talk to us today!

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