January 16, 2020

Outdoor Modifications for Your Home

Outdoor Modifications for Your Home

When you are living with a loved one who has a disability, ensuring your home is safe and accessible should be a top priority. This does not just mean the rooms inside—after all, a home is more than what is inside. You also need to make sure your backyard is just as accessible as the rest of your home when planning home modification for disabled.

With our experience in handicap accessible homes, we believe the following are a few items to consider for outdoor home modifications:

  • Outdoor Ramps
    Stairs are dangerous for many individuals—and not just for those in wheelchairs. Anyone with limited mobility can have a difficult time with stairs. Therefore, having outdoor home ramps can provide your loved ones with safe and convenient access from your stoop to your doorway and more. Our professionals can help install ramps in Freehold, New Jersey for their benefit.
  • Clear Walkways
    Make sure your walkways are free of debris to avoid potential accidents from occurring. You can also trim tree branches and shrubs to create a clearer path.
  • Doorknobs and Locks
    To promote your loved ones’ independence, install locks and doorknobs at levels that are convenient for them to open, close, and lock.

Mobility Construction promotes handicap accessibility in New Jersey through our home modification services. Please contact us for more details about our services!

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