March 28, 2022 Louise Savoie

Preventing Falls at Home

Preventing Falls at Home

Accidents can occur at any given time whether or not a person is being careful. For individuals using mobility devices, tipping and falling are some of the common accidents we may fear. As a provider of General Construction services, we know just how to increase your safety and that of your loved ones.

  • Place handrails or grab bars where necessary.Common areas where you can install handrails include the bedroom, bathroom, staircases, and long hallways. Not only do they prevent falls, but also increase the mobility and independence of the members of the household.
  • Keep your home clean and simple.Organize your furniture according to the layout of your house. Make sure that your furniture and other belongings, especially sharp objects, are not blocking the way. Arrange common items so they can easily be accessed by your loved ones. Consider lowering shelves or calling for a Wheelchair Ramp Installation in Freehold, New Jersey for easy access. Keeping your home well-lit can make a whole world of difference for your loved ones, as well.
  • Keep the wheelchair in its tip-top condition.Make sure your loved ones are using wheelchairs that are in perfect condition to avoid any accidents. With that said, take good care of their wheelchair. If your loved ones are using motorized wheelchairs, avoid getting the wheelchair wet. It’s also wise to have common parts replaced by experts so that your loved ones feel safe and comfortable when moving through a Ramp in New Jersey.

Like you, our team at Mobility Construction wants you and your loved ones to feel secure and at peace at home. Partner with us today.

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