February 14, 2014
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February 14, 2014 mobilityseca

Why Senior Home Safety is Different than Your Home Safety in Marlboro, NJ

When you’re at home, you probably have certain things that you do to ensure that your family is safe. Seniors also have a need for safety measures around the home, but they probably differ slightly from what accommodates your family. It’s important to consider the specific needs of your senior when implementing home safety measures. One reason senior home safety is different than your home safety is because you likely have more strength in your legs and arms.

When an elderly person has trouble balancing, it can cause them to be at a greater risk of injury when taking a shower, for example. You might not think about installing grab bars within your own home, but they might be a great idea for your loved one. These grab bars would be installed in the shower or tub and they would allow the elderly individual to have extra support getting in and out of the shower, or when using the restroom. Grab bars are also a good idea for other areas of the home, like along a small set of stairs.

Another home safety idea that is geared towards seniors is to replace a traditional bathtub with a shower stall or walk-in tub. Stepping over the edge of a basic bathtub can be dangerous for anyone, but especially for seniors who may not have the strength or balance to keep from falling.

You could also think about putting certain common items that they use on a regular basis at a lower position, such as cans of food. By keeping your loved one from having to reach for these items, you are able to make sure that they don’t strain themselves, or injure themselves trying to climb up a stepladder to reach them.

When you are considering things that you can do to improve senior home safety for your loved one, don’t think about safety in terms of your own home, but in terms of how to keep an elderly individual safe and sound.

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