November 7, 2013
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November 7, 2013 mobilityseca

What Are the Different Types of Ramps?

Wheelchair ramps come in a number of different types and styles. There are folding wheelchair ramps which provide a larger degree of accessibility for users who are in mobility scooters or wheelchairs.

What are some types of ramps?

  • Threshold ramps – these have been designed to provide seamless and easy access over any type of raised landing or threshold with uneven flooring. These ramps are made of high quality, durable aluminum. They are easy to handle and extremely lightweight. You just place the ramp at the doorway. They are easy to use and are one of the most popular choices for people in scooters and wheelchairs. They can be folded up and taken wherever you are going, so you can quickly set them up as needed in a doorway. There are no heavy or awkward pieces and you don’t have to strain getting a heavy mobility chair to pass over a threshold.
  • A track ramp is useful for either manual or power wheelchairs. They come with a telescopic channel which assists in helping the wheelchair over a moderate change in elevation such as a curb or a step. These are easy to store since the telescopic retracting channels collapse into a small storage space. They are also very lightweight.
  • There are single fold and multi fold ramps which are designed for loading or unloading wheelchairs or scooters so they can get into or out of a vehicle with greater ease. This is in addition to the other ramp uses already mentioned.
  • The most common ramps used are probably the single fold ramps. Basically you only have to unfold it and it’s ready to use. Usually there is no assembly required first. They can lean up against the door of the vehicle and is ready for the wheelchair or scooter to be rolled up or down.
  • They often come with handles built in so it makes carrying and storing of the ramp very simple.
  • Multifold ramps are quite useful and convenient. Their design allows them to be used when there are greater changes in elevation. They are heavier than single fold but are strong and durable and can still handle any type of transportation equipment such as mobility scooters or wheelchairs.
  • There is a style and type of ramp to suit all needs. Today’s ramps are built with the highest degree of technology available, optimizing slope, material strength, number of landings, etc.
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