August 10, 2020 Louise Savoie

What Is a Friendly, Open Space?

Disabled-Friendly Spaces in New Jersey

What Is a Friendly, Open Space?

Although disability is an evolving term, it generally refers to any physical or mental condition that makes it more difficult for differently-abled persons to accomplish daily tasks and interact with their environment. In the United States, there are roughly 61 million adults that live with a disability with 13.7% of differently-abled people having difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Consequently, handicap accessibility in New Jersey and the rest of the country is essential to create friendly, open spaces for individuals with disabilities.

So, what constitutes a “friendly space”?

Several factors that should be considered when creating a friendly space include parking spaces for disabled individuals with correctly designed entrance and exit points. When installing steps within a floor in a building, installing platform lifts and ramps in Freehold, New Jersey are essential to ensure accessibility.

Hallways and routes should be unobstructed with wide doors that can accommodate mobility aids like wheelchairs. Public buildings should contain clear, unobstructed signs with raised lettering or braille wherever possible.

Lighting should also be distributed evenly with colors having a strong visual contrast for individuals with vision impairments to avoid hazards and distinguish between areas. Additionally, a handicap bathroom should be available with an alarm system to ensure staff can provide assistance in case of an emergency.

Why ensure accessibility for differently-abled individuals?

Not only are friendly spaces a requirement by law in many countries, but it also concerns the rights of disabled individuals and is a matter of fairness and respect. This provides disabled individuals with equal opportunities to fully participate in their community. Through companies like Mobility Construction that offer home modification for disabled individuals, friendly spaces are created to promote inclusivity and adds diversity to the community at large.

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