October 18, 2022 Louise Savoie

What to Consider When Building a Disabled-Friendly Home


An accessible house is one that not only makes life easier for those with limited mobility but one that is also economical. With the right help, owners of accessible homes may be confident that they will not need to make costly modifications down the road. That’s where we come in!

At Mobility Construction, we can guarantee the safety and convenience of individuals with disabilities in their homes. Not only do we accomplish this via our wheelchair ramp installation in Freehold, New Jersey, but also through our accessibility construction expertise.

As general construction professionals, we advise you to consider maximizing the independence of your loved ones with disabilities:

  • Larger Doorways

    Building bigger entrances for wheelchair accessibility should be one of your top priorities. These doors should be at least 813mm wide and have ramps rather than stairs.

  • Ease of Access in the Kitchen

    A worktop that can be utilized comfortably while sitting or standing should be installed, or the counters could be lowered. To provide wheelchair users more independence, it would be wise to arrange appliances close to the sink and common goods in lower cabinets.

  • A Better Choice for Flooring

    You have several options to accomplish this. For people who use wheelchairs, hardwood floors help allow ease of passage. Vinyl flooring is also well-favored because it’s inexpensive and proves to be slip-resistant.

It’s also important to take into account ADA regulations. If you require help with these, you can count on us!

You may also take advantage of our services should you want to build a ramp in New Jersey. Got any questions? Let’s get in touch!

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